Welcome Service

There will be a welcome service for Alan on Sunday 17th September at 7:00pm in Joanmount.

We will be joined by our friends from Cavehill Methodist and Jennymount Methodist for the service.

The morning service will be as usual on Sunday 17th September at 11:30am in Joanmount.

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Joanmount is a family Church situated in the heart of the community. We are a growing Christian community, resting on the promises of new life in Christ. 

As we reach, we care and as we care, we share the wells of biblical truth and new understanding. All are welcome, all are made to feel they belong.

God bless you.

"If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come." 2Cor 5:17.

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OUR Mission

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Sunday 9th July, Joanmount welcomed our new minister, Rev Alan Conly and his family to Joanmount.
​Pictured with Alan are his wife Elaine and their children Matthew and Lauren.

We look forward to sharing in his ministry in the future  ☺