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Church Leadership Team

Joanmount Methodist Church is part of the Belfast North Circuit of the Methodist Church in Ireland.  The Church Council, working with the Minister and supported by the Church Strewards, are responsible for all aspects of the Work of God carried out in the Church.

The Church Council is an elected body comprised of the Minister, Church Stewards and members of the Church congregation who serve for terms of three years.  They provide vision, leadership and support, overseeing the outworking of the Church's vision.

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Rev. Daphne Hanna

Jonathan Bleakley
Society Steward

Church Council
Chairperson: Rev. Daphne Hanna
Secretary to the Church Council:  Marilyn English
Society Steward:  Jonathan Bleakley
Society Treasurer:  Nigel Browne
Congregational Representative:  Lynne Lyttle
Congregational Representative:  Karen Graham  
Congregational Representative:  Lesa Tufts
Congregational Representative:  
Dorothy McKenna

In the first instance, all official correspondance should be directed to the Secretary of the Church Council.

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